There are a lot of great reasons to choose direct primary care (DPC) for yourself; no waiting to be seen, better quality of care, a family atmosphere, lower costs for primary care services, less expensive lab costs, etc. 

But, what about for employers? 

DPC has some excellent benefits for corporate partners such as reducing sick time for employees, providing preventative medicine and encouraging wellness for employees. DPC is also a valuable workplace "perk" to help entice quality employees to apply to and remain part of your company. And it could save your company money! But don't take our word for it. 

In a Forbes article, DPC saved Union County, North Carolina $1,408,089 per year in health care costs and saved the participants $333,639 per year in out of pocket expenses. To view the entire article, click here.

Obviously, DPC has been successful in North Carolina, but would it work for your company? Call us to set up a consultation and we will go over the benefits to your company and our corporate rate structure.  813-540-3378